Thursday, 21 April 2016

12 Earthmover, Thursday

It all works out beautifully.

Today we understand the inherent re-organizational intelligence within life's disruptions. Recent upheavals and quakes can make sense, as you synchronize your energy with Earth's galactic constant - the pulse of the 260-day cycle - the same pulse you experienced in all innocence as a soul descending into your developing foetus.

Today you understand the direction of evolutionary change in your life, the way forward. The energy of change is vitalized and you can see how seemingly random artefacts of your life can be organized coherently.

Earthmover is the forceful energy that demands a new ordering to reality, it is the intelligence force of evolution. Twelve is the patterning that the intellect can grasp. A good day for understanding the purpose and design of the changing world and your changing life.

This day plugs directly into the recent earthquake and volcano activity as we head towards the full moon. Let us hope enough tension has been discharged for now...? The tension in the earth is intimately tied into psychic tension and the imperative to re-calibrate human consciousness.

I ask people what they think is going on in the world and their concluding statement invariably is "what can I do, I just have to look after my immediate concerns"

I offer this answer, we are living in an evolutionary transition where a dark force that is trans-national and trans-governmental is trying to enslave humanity (regressive anti-evolution agenda), all one has to do is retain an awareness of that. With this awareness, you are likely to voice your concerns quietly in everyday conversations. The solution is be conscious, do not fall asleep. If a few percent more of the human population stayed conscious, the game would be won. And culture would evolve to the next stage.

Your consciousness has a direct effect of the environment and in the social marketplace, we are never far away from a tipping point and awareness spreads.

This is what is meant by bringing in the light down to earth, down to the human situation as it stands today.

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