Monday, 18 April 2016

9 Jaguar, Monday

Wild thing. Alert. Hyper sensitive.

Awareness of hurt, yet willing and motivated to play.

With a roar, wake up and see the projected path of your present actions.

Today you can connect to the actions needed, the actions you will be taking later, that enable you to move on, to change, to shift to the next level of your development

You are alive and it's time to smell the completion that is beckoning. Be ready to pounce and get it done, change gear and go for the finish line!

Do you Remember that there was an Eclipse March 8/9?

Are you aware of the earthquake activity? The present Uranus, Eris Moon cycle has triggered the eclipse effect.

The ring of fire includes Panama, remember the Panama Papers now disappearing from the news cycle.
The Ecuador earthquake was followed by a volcanic eruption in Mexico and there are concerns for California as the whole of the USA was vibrating with seismic activity. The continuing Earth changes are due to a systemic pressure, the 2012 effect. What I call the 2012 effect is the influx of high energy plasma into our Solar System (possibly due to an incoming 'planet' from the outer Solar System) This requires us, as a species to adjust our consciousness, ie raise our frequency and evolve our global culture to the next stage of civilization.

In order to do this we have to dispel the darkness that stands in the way, Jaguar 9. The earthquake activity is where we have not cleared the collective emotional blockages.

What does this mean in real terms, looking at our own shadow, yes for sure. However more than that we have to understand and change things on a systemic level, ie the planetary and global social systemic levels.

How do we do that? What stands in our way?

The energy being unlocked is ancient, it is the shadow of human evolution.

The forces of darkness work in the shadows and throughout the human continuum, it has been stated that these forces operate through deception.

The outrageous level of deception in our corporate and governmental institutions is now being exposed, but more people must be courageous enough to look at this.

 If enough people all look and accept the truth that the ghouls have far too much power and that smart looking people in suits, who will say anything, absolutely anything to trick you, are doing there bidding and are themselves performing heinous acts, if...if enough people were to see and do there bit, then we would not need a planetary scale disaster.

The problem as I see it is that many good people, spiritually orientated, just doing their meditation and yoga choose not to get look and then inadvertently support the dark agendas, for example with  environmental sentiments. It is not a time for sentimental reaction, it is a time to research by looking on the internet.  The whole system especially in England and USA is completely corrupted, this includes the institutional bodies of science and medicine.

Public relations is the tool being used to deceive us, nice sounding words and images that mean nothing are enchanting many people.

Do not give your power away.

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