Thursday, 16 November 2017

1 Monkey

LjL monkeying around in Peru,
while on an Ayahuasca Retreat with his good friend Scott, February 2008

Today begins the Monkey Timewave, 13 days that offer the opportunity to use creativity and humour to bring new energy into your life; 13 days of monkeying around…

Monkey is the Master Craftsman or Artisan, and this particular day, 1 Monkey, is revered by the Highland Maya.

Today, the trickster energy is high. This is both fecund for deception but also – more importantly – for creative breakthroughs in awareness as you recognize how the whole of life is a theatre of absurdity, humour and extraordinary experience.


Weave some new threads into your life with playful, creative, inquisitive and, most of all, spontaneous acts. Let’s break out a little with the blessings of the trickster Monkey.

Work is play and play is work. Monkey has a tricky sense of humour and challenges us to adapt.

Structured plans will not stay on course, nor work out in a linear fashion with Monkey energy. That can be frustrating; however, Monkey will be offering us a more creative and fun way of performing tasks and solving problems.

A playful attitude yields new wisdom in this timewave. Monkey teaches us that creative play is at the heart of the Divine. Allow novelty into your life and be inventive.

This is a love-life and laugh-permission day.

Stay inquisitive during these 13 days and enjoy the mischievous energy. Serious problems require our engagement, mundane issues require our attention – but the Monkey will teach us that we can find novel, unusual and even what might at first appear strange ways or methods of dealing with life. 

This, and the monkey image above, from Google images

Interestingly, I selected the photo at the top and wrote the caption for it
a couple of weeks ago. Two days ago I got a message out of the blue
to say that Scott is in Hong Kong now, albeit very briefly.
The only day he can see me is today, 1 Monkey, which is 'my timewave'.
I am so thrilled! As I know Laurence would be too,
to spend this evening at home with one of his closest friends.
Here are Scott and Laurence in September 2008.

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