Wednesday, 22 November 2017

7 Earthmover

A good day to feel a resonance or actually synchronize with the impulse of life to change towards the beneficial and the magnificent. 7 Earthmover is a high-energy day, full of magical potential.

Take time to remind yourself and to create some space, to experience the fact that all of Nature is alive, just like you. Feel the vital fizz of life; see it all around you.

Alternatively, a day to enjoy the magical surprise of a spontaneous element that comes into your life which takes you off track – meaning off the linear path of linear mind, so that you can integrate and synchronize with the force of evolution.

Life has an intelligence beyond our personal and immediate understanding.

What gift is here for you today?

Create some space; Nature is alive; What gift is here for you today?
Another of my Photoshop attempts to create an image
to illustrate the energy and texture of today in the Mayan Sacred Calendar.

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