Friday, 26 January 2018

7 Wind

LjL speaking so eloquently and coherently, at the fabulous Glastonbury Symposium,
on 25 July 2008. His talk was entitled:
The Enchanting World:
Crossing the great divide between objective and subjective reality
He introduced his groundbreaking Enchantments of Life model
of the evolution of human consciousness, and summed up by explaining:
'My work links together the energy field with astrology,
developmental psychology and the manner in which reality is created
through individual and collective intention on all scales of creation.

You speak so eloquently, so coherently today.

Move into resonance with the unsentimental narrator of the consciousness environment today.

Listen and tune in to what is being said to you today.

Life is always talking to us and through us, even if we spin it and filter it through our own ego. Today the magic might arise through hearing a colder, even harsher appraisal of our life. If so, listen to it.

Although it may appear unkind at first, hidden between the lines of the message you receive is a truth that can activate your own empowered lucidity. If the day starts out foggy, overwhelming and confusing, it is because you are receiving data from all over the cosmos. Stay with it and clarity will emerge.

A good day for the communication of appropriate truth.

Clear mind. Beautiful image from here

Wind is the activator. It separates things that need to be separated, clarified or differentiated. Where we are stuck or inert, Wind blows away the obstacles and gets our energy moving.

The Divine Breath can appear harsh, but this is often the inevitable effect of gaining basic clarity through the division of what is and what is not required in our life.

Clear mind, from Google images

Day 7 is the halfway marker of each timewave. Day 7 is in equal relationship to Day 1 and Day 13, the beginning and the end, and is therefore resonant with the whole timewave.

Those born on a 7 Day are most likely to be able to relate to many types of people.

Seven is the number of basic resonant truth, the general soft-focus holistic truth. Things look different depending upon your position and your perspective, but Seven brings us the universal generalized truth – not the sophisticated truth, but the commonsense foundation. This manifests as the basic ethic in life – we all know what is basically wrong and what is basically right.

More complex discernment is required above this basic level of the commonsense, ethical fuzzy-but-true-enough foundation for civilized behaviour and civilization.

The model of the seven chakras and the corresponding sevenfold layers of the aura is a fuzzy-but-basically-true view of the energy field. I have been working with the energy field for well over 25 years and I know it is far more complex than that, but the essential sevenfold model still holds up as the foundation of understanding.

Seven is, on average, the quantity of things we can hold easily in our mind at any one time.

Harmonious Seven.

From Google images

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