Monday, 29 January 2018

10 Serpent

'The world needs conscious individuals like you to step into your power'

Plug into body and the vitality of the Sun as it moves through your body.

The body is the foundation for confidence, for living a life that is based on truth and for being true to your personal axioms. Listen to your body and what it needs.

Power starts with your bodily instincts. Listen to your body and respond appropriately today. Conscious connection to the instincts leads to confidence and to the clarity of personal truth. The power of what is true for you is your power in the world. The nature of truth evolves, as does the nature of power.

What is power? It is the efficacious energy of the life force that creates reality. I will be bold and suggest that the world needs conscious individuals like you to step into your power.

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Get plugged into the god force through your body, for the body is expressing divinity. The world needs ‘ordinary’ people to be empowered on a physical level to counteract the disempowerment by design and desire by those who abuse power.

10 Serpent is all about power. Today we see our power; we see how we feel about our personal power and we recognize the role of power in a spiritual context.

Today is Day 10 of the Vulture or Warrior Timewave, and today is a reminder that we are all warriors defending our truth. This is an aspect of being spiritual. We are not here to roll over in the face of oppression; we must defend our sovereignty.

At this time in the world, those who are awakening to the new, emerging expanded reality – and who care about our planet, our species and the natural sphere of life in which we have our experience – are being called upon to be stronger.

The power of money, as it is perceived today, is a temporary illusion. The fear of lack that accompanies it is likewise a temporary illusion that the species has to overcome. We are being challenged to incrementally, step by step, honour our truth as spiritual beings having a physical experience – and to live by that truth as best we can.

Existence has unlimited abundance and will supply you with what you truly need.

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then played with and layered by me using Photoshop

[Bonus material for today:]
One Mayan Sacred Calendar 'year' ago, our good friend Daniel Clarke made a composite tribute to Laurence James Lucas, taken from various podcasts they did together over the years. Thank you Daniel! Click on the words 'tribute to LjL' to enjoy a snippet of LjL's wisdom and humour...

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