Wednesday, 4 April 2018

10 Dog

Friends, by Laurence James Lucas.
'Different species emerge from the same bedrock of life.'

Me in 2011 at the
UK Wolf Conservation Trust
10 Dog in the Crocodile Timewave manifests as our emotional needs being fully apparent. Today you can see the manifest state of your emotional body and really feel what it is you really need. 

The essential and general needs for us all can be simply stated as happiness and an avoidance of suffering. 

These are mostly found through relating to others, whilst having an attitude of gratitude about what is good in our experience right now.

Today is a day of communal emotive connection, or a good day to be peaceful and to feel the truth of what you need. 

It can also be a good day to have a party.

Ask yourself what it is you truly and honestly actually need for yourself. Need rather than want.

The answer will include people.

LjL about to board a tram for a party
with many people he was grateful and happy
to know and to be with

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