Saturday, 7 April 2018

13 Reed (Skywalker)

Frogs in Space, by LjL
'The morphogenic fields of life extend out into infinity.'

Expansive Light
Free the mind from the dictates of necessity and free the soul.

Today the mind might feel scattered; this is veiling the freedom inherent within the day. A good day to construct complex patterns of knowledge, or to acknowledge that a higher level of complexity will emerge after this day.

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The higher mind feels free to roam in all directions and observe the abstract. Welcome bizarre thoughts as they push the boundaries of your consciousness deep within the Earth, way out into Space and beyond the limits of the normal Time restraints.

New Atlantis
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Explore Atlantis, the Akashic records or just enjoy a sense of vitalized intuition.

Today, energy is in a heightened state of flux; it has a chaotic element which can lead to a new level of organization.


The structures and patterns of life are re-organizing themselves.

Stay connected to the benevolent intent of the life force that oversees all disruption.

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