Monday 17 January 2022

3 Jaguar

[Monday 17 January 2022. FULL MOON 23:51 UTC/GMT (tomorrow 07:48 HK time)]

Stalking Energy

Instinct directs you as you walk through the day.

Laurence practising his daily tai chi
on Newhaven Beach, late 1990s

Feel the energy and intelligence of the body in each step as you walk. The more you can feel into the body – staying connected to the living environment, yet inside the body – the more you can access the immanent cosmic reality of the cat-mind that is comfortable with Earth and Heaven as one playground.

In this 2012 era,* we can more easily access the living field of energy in which we move around and in which we have our being, as long as we take time to unplug from the consensual matrix – and therein lies the rub.

Artwork showing a plasma solar storm heading
for Earth (Credit: Victor de Schwanberg/SPL)
Image from here

Since the 1990s, there has been a massive influx of cosmic energy/consciousness into the Earth. In its manifest form, this is high-energy plasma, which is creating what is termed ‘space weather’. (The phrase ‘space weather’ came into being in 1990, due to the enormous influx of cosmic rays that flooded into our locality in the space surrounding our planet.)

The plasma is then being stepped down into the Earth.

Plasma is the fundamental state of matter and is the conduit for consciousness to interact with matter.

Cosmic Electric Jungle
 Image found on google

We are walking around in the cosmic electric jungle. Feel the subtle electric field by directing your thoughts towards it. Evoke the spirit of the cosmic influx and recognise that the environment you are in is alive.

It is simple – just open up your awareness and utilise your imagination, your will and the subtle energy you can feel with your hands.

Stalk the power that will connect you to the new vitality that is seeking you.

* Laurence maintained that the 2012 era began in 1986 and will last well into the 2020s.

Stalking Jaguar, photo by Ben Delves,
found on google

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