Tuesday, 18 January 2022

4 Eagle

[Tuesday 18 January 2022. FULL MOON 07:48 HK time]

Map your coordinates. Think and visualise spatially.

Composite created by Carey

Where are you on your journey?

The drama of life presents itself in its four essential elements. You see the essence of four directions and four forces from an elevated view. Questions arise in the mind – ‘Which direction should I go in?’ Get your bearings. Find your location, place yourself in the cosmos.

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All around you is a living environment. A true orientation involves a communication with the directions, the immediate environment and the larger environment.

Shamanism offers the tools for direct communication with the environment and your essential orientation. The simplicity of the medicine wheel and its evocation of the spirit of the directions veils its extraordinary power. If you have never worked with the directions in the medicine wheel, I urge you to take some time to explore it.

Medicine Wheel image from here

It is simple. Anyone can do it, and the doing of it empowers you. The directions orientate you instantly on Earth and in multiple dimensions.*

Today is a good day to locate yourself on your path.

Fra Mauro map of the world,
circa 1450, depicting Asia, Africa and Europe,
compared with a modern satellite image by NASA.
Image from here

* Note from Carey: Laurence used the directions as part of his daily shamanic practice for at least three decades. To read more about Laurence and his shamanic practice, please visit these pages on our portal website: Shamanism; and, A Broader Perspective on Shamanism. Thank you.

Shamanic Eagle, painting by David Craig   
Image from here

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