Sunday, 21 August 2022

11 Dog

[Sunday 21 August 2022]

Let Someone In

What was solidifying yesterday becomes more transparent today. So, for example, if you were feeling stodgy and stuck within yourself yesterday, today a door opens to lead you into another emotional space that is more relational and more resonant with those around you.

Chocolate at Secret Rock

Allow someone into your emotional space.

Poppet and Sambal,
thanks to Robert Candler

Alternatively and/or simultaneously, your relationship patterns with friends, lover or family turn inside out and offer you another perspective, not only on your relationships but on the whole sphere of community, connection and relating.

Chocolate snoozing in a sunbeam,
wonderful drawing thanks to Daniel Clarke

The sovereignty of self grows today through the adaptive ability of the basic emotions and common needs we all have for the company of others. A good day to modify your needs or feelings.

Day 11 of each timewave always feels like doors are opening after the solidity of Day 10.

Variation de la Victoire, 1965,
by René Magritte (1898-1967)
Image found on google

[Extra message from Laurence, first posted on 11 Dog of 25 March 2016:]

Today I was blown away by a photograph [see the end of this post] and some kind words that appeared on my facebook wall.

Artist Kit Yeung and her partner Garrick Cheng, who is a Holospheric Astrologer, are good friends and a very talented couple.

My Poppet girl.
Photo thanks to Cherry

Please forgive me but I want to post what Kit said...

‘He always sees from a different perspective which I never thought of. He brought me to a different world where I discovered my inner substance and true potential. He enjoys being in nature and connects deeply to it. His mind is free, like birds flying in the limitless sky. The most important thing is … he teaches me to “BE ME”.’

Artwork and words by Hong Kong artist and photographer Kit Yeung.

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