Saturday, 6 August 2022

9 Eagle

[Saturday 6 August 2022]

Today, 9 Eagle, is a day of penetrating clarity of thought as we confront startling truths. 9 Eagle is a day of power and vision, yet it also offers the compassion that comes from a profound spiritual truth – the truth that the world is enchanting; that from the spirit’s point of view, this is a theatre.

Composite created by Carey

The illusion of the world is permanence; the game is full of deceptions – but we take part in those deceptions. Why? Because the world is an enchantment, and we are waking up slowly to the nature of the virtuality of reality.

9 Eagle is about flying above the polarities that lie below, whilst integrating heart and mind. Compassionate yet discerning thought yields the rewards today, as you feel fully awake in the realm between Heaven and Earth.

Image originally found on google, from
European Southern Observatory
'The toroidal universe is a fractal universe
and it is how reality looks as we wake up
to planetary consciousness.' LjL

Time cycles reveal themselves on 9 Days. In the 2012 era, which is where we are, there is an opportunity to understand time on a whole new level. You may well gain some inspiration in this area today.

Today, pay attention to any image that catches your imagination as it can serve as a portal.

The Golden Record of 1977:
NASA placed an ambitious message aboard
Voyager 1 and 2 in 1977.
This was a kind of time capsule,
intended to communicate a story of our world
to any extraterrestrials out there.

Extra Message from Laurence about Time Cycles
The number of days in one spin of the Tzolkin – the 260-day Mayan Sacred Calendar year – is a fractal of 26,000 tun. One tun is 360 days; 26,000 tun (which equates to approximately 25,625 of our civil years) is one ‘galactic spin’, or one full Precessional Cycle (Precession of the Equinoxes).

Image found on google

More simply, the 260-day cycle is the fractal constant found in all the interlocking orbits between Earth and the planets, and represents the Earth’s relationship with the galaxy.

The 260-day calendar has resonance with individual human gestation (266 days on average), while the 26,000 tun of the galactic cycle measures the development of the whole human species in ways we are not yet sure of, but which probably mark the duration of a ‘mutation’ of the species – a birth of new consciousness.

The Interior of the Jet Toroidal Accelerator
[Note from Carey: For those of you who might want to
investigate more of the toroidal universe, go here]

At the very least, we are in the midst of a change bigger than the industrial revolution. Do not go to sleep. Perceive with your intuitive visionary capability the enormity of the drama we are playing in right now.

By following the 260-day calendar, we move into resonance with Galactic Consciousness and with issues relating to the whole species. Our relationship with time and space changes.

Axial precession, from here

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