Friday, 20 March 2015

4 Storm, Friday (Eclipse at 09.46 GMT, 5.46 pm HK)

A dynamic re-organization day. A day of adjustment.

A day with something new in it that challenges you to remain true to your truth, your way of life and your purpose, whilst simultaneously adjusting that truth. The challenge then strengthens your foundation.
We cannot have it all. Life is about choice; not all experiences are appropriate to us, but we adapt where necessary.
Old ideas that do not fit your real self are cleansed out of your system today.

Storm is the blood lightening in the body, the activator of the lightbody, that seeks to integrate our consciousness of body, mind, soul and spirit. This activation disrupts our patterning, storm is a power that seeks and demands liberation, drastic change. Storm Days are therefore also the awareness of chaos outside of our space of safety, home and emotional sanctum, the chaos of potential total change.

Change is exciting, change is frightening

Day four in the timewave is a foundation, energy is held.

The Vulture timewave is strength, part of that strength is patience to hold energy, so today we have to contain the electrical energy and allow it to recalibrate rather than getting fully intoxicated by the thrill of the lightening and its promise of total liberation.
The Eclipse close to the Spring Equinox, is a highly significant event especially when we consider it is at the peak of the Uranus square with Pluto (aka 2012 effect on the geo-sociological level). As I have already explained there is a timeline transition occurring and this eclispe signifies a major reboot of the Earth's energy. The appearance of the world, the whole outer shell we know as consensual reality is being relinquished and then will reform. How will it reform? Depends upon our consciousness. The simple conclusion, or summary of what is needed is this 
Stay centred and claim your authentic self, have faith in life itself, aspire to rise above the deception being played out and remember your sovereign soul.
 The evidence in the so called real world of a timeline change occurring includes the firing up of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, which was turned on to 75% capacity on December 21st, 2012 and in fact has been highly active at significant astronomical events and numerological significant dates Like 8-8-8 when the Bejing Olympics started. 
What it appears to be is not what it is, small black holes are opening up during the activation.  There are so many articles on this I will not even bother posting links. CERN is actually dark magic.
Also we see that when things are close to real change the ruling autocratic amalgam acts overtly and extremely heavy handed. See here.

The panic in the system is self evident, no need to research anymore, their actions are transparent.

In the economic system, Europe is suddenly aligning with the Chinese led consortium that is an alternative to the IMF-US Dollar led global reserve system. HERE

Without even going into any details of all of the military exercises being played out now, we clearly see without any effort that fundamental changes are NOW happening to the fabric of our reality.
Reality is up for grabs, you do not need to look too deeply at the frightening scenarios being presented by the puppets of the dark force, just recognize the pivotal moment we are at. 
And then.

Do this.

Stay conscious, stay centred, have faith in life, intend the benevolent, act upon the more noble integrity based impulses you have and be the light we need you to be. Relinquish your life in order to regenerate your life with a new calibration.

I highly recommend that you do some sort of meditation or whatever conscious practices work you, release and reaffirm your life, release negativity and allow your life to reformulate at the template level.

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