Tuesday, 3 March 2015

13 Wind, Tuesday


Did you know that most people leave a website after 10 seconds, ah that is the price for living in interesting times, we have all gone manic and anxious. Loads of time on the internet with no time to look at anything interesting!

Andy Warhols '15 minutes of fame' is an eternity on a website!

Here is a challenge for new visitors get to the end of the page and you will have risen above the mass hysteria...can you do it? (Oh he's gone already, something I said?)

Today is 13 Wind in the Mayan Calendar and so the attention span of web users is a very relevant.

The Dog Timewave of companionship and guidance releases its form today and is converted into information; emotion is transmuted into data. The whole feeling of this Timewave is harvested and fed back into the matrix.

A day where you flit from one thing to another, from one person to another -- texting, facebooking, emailing.

Message the world.

Alternatively, you write up your recent experiences, you convert experience into information -- a story, a report or a even a statistical analysis.

Or, you release yourself from the internet, from writing and communicating, feeling emotionally free and in doing so you are allowing your subconscious to receive new data from involvement with random activities.

So today, the challenge is to slow your self down a bit and be more efficient.

Take time off from the internet...you will still feel the need to do many different activities things but  allow yourself to release all activity every so often, wait until you are impelled to do something useful.

okay thank you...you can go now...why not go here

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