Wednesday, 17 June 2015

2 Rabbit, Wednesday

The diversity of all that attracts us can overwhelm us with promise, opportunity, beauty, brilliance, splendour and bliss -- it is all too much if we try to grasp.

All that glitters is not gold, and yet the sparkle of life is a reflection of divinity and is here for us to enjoy and celebrate.

Today you can feel the promise, the pull and attraction of opposing forms and appearances. You may hear a desperate call within you to attend to one thing and negate another. On 2 days we can feel the duality inherent in our life. The multiplicity of appealing entertainment and urgent needs is actually a reminder of how extraordinarily abundant and omni-directional life truly is.

Focus primarily on the vortex within the centre of it all; this is the white hole that gives birth to the abundance of all that is in your life.

Today, enjoy some diversity without getting sucked into one reality tunnel.

The effect of this Mars fuelled New Moon, for me at least is a sense of energy, some anger as well, and the need to say and write very direct and contentious things about the environmental agenda that is being amped up this year. As Chiron is square Mars, Sun, Moon and Pallas is opposite, I realize I have to hold onto my hot impulsive energy without quashing it...tricky
The energy is really strong though it feels awakening...
here is how the dark moon affected CERN  the inter-dimensional experiment being undertaken (Atlantis anyone?)

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