Saturday, 20 June 2015

5 Monkey, Saturday

The Deer timewave is about navigating the ever-changing emergent world. This consciousness is the recognition of the unpredictable nature of life's exact unfoldment. Monkey is the spirit who is at home with the truth of the trickster, whose domain is in the details and lateral potentials. Monkey is at home here because Monkey is a creative trickster.

Come back to that part within you that knows life really is a game. Radiating out from the centre of your being is your own freewill, which is a monkey unto itself.

Today, recognize the truth that outcomes may not be exactly what we expect (notably in regards to specific timing of manifestations); this will keep us alert and awake. The universe is always generating randomness within the context of its overall directions.

Today is also a good day to be conscious of the many faces that life shows us. All masks veil and express the unified consciousness. Empower yourself by accepting that the trickster Monkey is an essential part of creation.

Throughout human history we have continued to evolve despite the dark agendas, the controlling forces creates structure. As we evolve the structure becomes limited and we have to break through to another level and ore expanded structure and the controllers have to regroup. The expansion of consciousness and cultural evolution increases the diversity of polarity and the stakes get raised on each level.

In this 2012 era and this year the stakes are truly raised.

This moon cycle we are really seeing things move forward (for better and worse?). More on that soon, but here is some more background

The Timeline Change Update

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