Saturday, 6 June 2015

4 Earthmover, Saturday

What energy are you drawing from the Earth? What are your roots and what has taken root in your life? Survival is dependent upon connecting through the body into the Earth force.

The basic imprint of the evolutionary agenda in your life - and in life in general - is present in this day. Life is forever changing. Today you can recognize how the tectonic plates of reality are constantly moving and sliding. However the life force impulse is coherent and is underlying the shifting terrain.

Today you sense an enduring underlying interconnection. A re-occurring idea or feeling that you have had throughout your life resurfaces into your awareness.

The 260-day pulse of the Sacred Mayan Calendar reveals the Galactic pulse on Earth.

The associations of the Gregorian Calendar, with its 24-hour clock, 7-day week and 12-month year, weave solid baskets of thought all around us. Can you walk in this contextual structure and yet also awaken to the numinous potency of the 260-day vibration?

Create roots in the shifting context, find your own sovereign connection whilst navigating the fluctuating social environment, the world is in high flux due to the evolutionary change we are in the midst of it, it is down to each of us to create our own foundation each and every day.

Today is a great day for synchronizing your field with your own energetic foundation. 

Last night this story turned up see link below....and it is appropriate to the energy of today to include. Have you been hearing about the really strange creaking groaning sounds that have been heard around the Earth, since 2011/2012. These sounds are definitely a 2012 and Uranus square Pluto artifact. I do not necessarily go with the darkest conclusion to this happening that the writer evokes. It is without doubt something really worth includes videos with the sounds I am talking about.

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