Thursday, 12 November 2015

7 Warrior or Owl Thursday

Be Still and Listen

That is your wisdom talking to you.

7 Owl or Warrior is a great day to free yourself from the shackles of the mind, a strong silent kind of day as you go about your business with simplicity.

Be still and come into resonance with your true self. Be like the owl and the vulture -- patient and resilient.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by demands from the world, hold your energy -- for within the maelstrom of being pulled by other people or deadlines, a magical solution and innovative opportunity can arise, if you just hold still. Allow wisdom to shine through by dispelling the darkness of confusion through your resolve.

7 Warrior is a day of truth. Your truth can harmonize with others without being exactly the same truth.

This is particular difficult in this present epoch as the Uranus square Pluto heads for completion in January and we see the tremendous pull of polarities. The world has to change and is changing but there is a strong impetus to old coping methods and regressive experience. The challenge of money means many people do not have the luxury of trying to 'raise their frequency'. The Scorpio new moon compels us further to be involved with the world and to engage with this drama. The dichotomy of life right now is that we need to change, yet we survive in a transitioning environment where fear of change is evident.

We are confronted with an enormity and yet still, somehow we have to find our centre.

On a personal level. My own strategy is focused on my new divination system, which I am thrilled with and the feedback I have received from the few people who have partaken in consultations is overwhelmingly confirmational. The system is a whole new approach to divination with its own alchemical, worldy and shamanic archetypes, there is nothing else like it out there. The intention is very much focused on self-empowerment, enabling access to the clients own unconscious wisdom. The book is not yet finished yet I am now ready to start doing consultations professionally with the system for people in HK. I did some in Beijing with a friend and will offer it to people in HK, before making it available globally.

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