Tuesday, 13 March 2018

1 Rabbit (Star)

Toroid Planets, image by Carey

Your World Shines
The last timewave ended yesterday with a vision – or an opening of the energy field – to a larger sense of reality. Day 13 of each timewave always opens up into the next timewave.

The Rabbit Timewave (also known as Star, or Lamat to the Maya) is about the multiplication in all directions of all things. Today sees the start of thirteen days of abundance; thirteen days that are fertile, creative, playful and beautiful.

Rabbit in your headlights,
by Rauliten on Deviantart
This new timewave brings light and vitality; it is fun, it can be superficial and even slightly silly, and of course it can be overwhelming – but it radiates a joyful luminescence that originates within your Cosmic Heart.

Stay conscious within the radiant explosion. Enjoy it, but do not completely acquiesce, agree or invest all of your energy in everything that comes along.

Remember: Anything can be alluring, but do not be seduced by everything that tempts you. Do not spend all of your energy reserve.

Instead, enjoy the luminosity and step into the abundance and vitality.

The Rabbit Hole by j14v6, from here

[Extra message from Laurence for contemplation on 1 Rabbit:]
How does life expand? How does light radiate? How is the cosmos expanding?

Radially, holographically, fractally – with implosions and new radial emanations embedded within a larger expansion. 

Image by Rydena, from here
To connect to the radiance and beauty that Rabbit evokes, we have to look beyond the ‘false light’.

The false light is very strong in the world now; it is the pretension of light that is created by the dark agents who seek to control the Earth. These are inter-dimensional beings who work through their terrestrial agents, and who will be selling their agenda hard, wrapped in soft reassuring words.

The false light is most apparent within the naive elements of celebrity; the hidden elements of religion, finance and politics; and the saccharine changelings that seek to cajole the spiritually minded into inertia.

Now, more than ever, it is important to look beyond the glossy image.

The 2012 Effect – the evolutionary creative challenge of our times –  is well and truly under way. A very wide spectrum of potentiality currently exits in the flux state of our world and we are being asked to be far more conscious of a far larger diversity of frequencies than ever before.

So, look to connect to the radiance from natural environments in order to connect to the positive elements of Rabbit.

Down the Rabbit Hole, by Timothy Vincent, from here

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