Sunday, 4 March 2018

5 Storm

Design by Carey

Be the peace in the eye of the storm. Look to retain some detachment and internal quiet, whilst you enjoy an unusual routine and unexpected occurrences.

Today offers you the chance to be enlivened by the change of rhythm, without being pulled into full external engagement.

A good day to wake up to the fact that an obligation – something that has been dragging you down, possibly even without your knowing it – can be released. 

Image from Google

Also a good day to enter the world of the Nagual, the parallel realms of the shaman/sorcerer, as a vortex opens within you, freeing you and purifying you from your identity and compulsions.

See with your inner eye and feel the enticement of the direct experience of another land. If you dip your toe, the energy will flow and then you must surrender...

'Earth's magnetic fields and radiation belts
being influenced by a solar storm.
Photo by Marc Ward/Shutterstock', from Google images
'Graphic of the magnetosphere of Jupiter
with a flux tube connecting Jupiter and Io shown in yellow'
Image from here

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