Wednesday, 28 March 2018

3 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

Social Triangles, by LjL

Key words for today: Portal opening, fertile, empty, waiting, anticipation, stirring, incomplete, freeing the mind.

Energy building as you stay in the house, in the soul, in the mystery. Feel your energy stirring with some inspiration.

Subtle movement in the psyche.

The energy is in the house. A good day for social triangles and to see what mysterious emergence results in the midst of three people.

Create space in your self.

Today, you might feel a little restless, not quite settling on anything. If you can allow the movement and vibration to be, and accept a degree of incomplete thoughts and actions, you can enjoy the expansion and feeling of sensing a subtle mystery that is opening in the middle of the tri-rotational energy.

Portals Opening
Image created by Carey

[Note from Carey:]

On 3 Foredawn of 7 February 2016, Laurence added an extra message with a link to one of his Mystic Cyber Crow articles, entitled The Alchemical Transformation of the Human Experience. This article, still relevant to many of us today, discusses his contention that ‘we are at a major crossroads that requires you to push ahead with that benevolent project or progressive idea that you have been holding. There is energy available for progressive projects and they are needed.’

Image from Google

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