Friday, 11 May 2018

8 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

Graphic by LjL

Holding on with just the right tension, being responsive to the alchemical mix of your life. Commit to a dynamic balance, the non-static union of opposites. Transcend the political correctness of gender politics to find true equality. Embody the male and female.

Commit and hold onto reality – but if your reality is too small, then let go and grasp a bigger one.

There is plenty of reality pie to go around, you know... recal-liberate your energy field.

Life is an adventure. It is easy to forget that if you listen to Channel Normal.

Is Life too tight? Well, mash it up and remix your energies.

Surf the channels of your energy field: Sex, food, music, silence, art, shamanics, yoga...

Get soul funking.

Soul Funking, painting by LjL

Just be flexible and do not believe you are forever that which you find yourself to be at any one point in time.

Commit to navigation – life is forever changing and your challenge is to flow with strength and grace.

Laurence and Michael Chung navigating the Amazon,
while on an adventure in Peru at an Ayahuasca camp in 2008.
Photo thanks to our dear friend Scott Morgan

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