Tuesday, 1 May 2018

11 Earthmover

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A day to release pressures building in the unconscious and to open doors that lead you beyond stuck polarities. The door opens into the field of light, the holographic aspect of your psyche.

As ever on all Earthmover days, follow the synchronic ripples you encounter, for they are your personal interactions with the movements in the time/space field.

Keywords for today are flexibility, adaptability and spontaneity. Today brings the opportunity to slide through a crack into a new opportunity. If you get pushed one way, follow that momentum through the revolving door of the electromagnetic energy field.

Pyramids of Tikal, Guatemala
Recalibration of your energy through stepping to the side. The door will appear; it will be subtle, but if you are tuned into this 260-day frequency, you will be alerted. Set yourself an alarm.

Perhaps use a simple affirmation of ‘Earthmover, change direction NOW.’ Say it now. It can act as your subconscious alarm-call when the door opens today.

Today is also about releasing tension, as in a small quake now to stop a big quake later.

The value of contrast in order to move on and to break out of polarized blocks.

For me, the most powerful catalyst for refreshing life and opening the heart to the unending opportunity, experience and appreciation available to us is through visiting new places. The rush you get from being in a new environment, with its unique natural landscape and cultural atmosphere, is without doubt one of the most precious things we can do for ourselves.

Maybe this is something for you to consider today. Where do you need to visit in order to refresh and regenerate?


Montesuenos, Ecuador. A place Laurence wanted so much to visit;
sadly we never got the chance

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 11 Earthmover:]
The Enchantment Factor
In this 2012 era, we are seeing the dissolution of what we call ‘reality’ in order to transition to a new stage of consciousness and therefore culture. Reality itself is undergoing change.

The underlying mythology of our world is being exposed to us yet more deeply as inadequate. The uncertainty will remain, but for those individuals willing to engage with the visionary realm, this era is offering a profound level of connection to the expansion of our reality.

Laurence in Macau

Laurence in Penang

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