Sunday, 20 May 2018

4 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

Stay grounded.

Solid truth from sobriety. Where appropriate, say nothing, for silence will speak loudly.

When it is right to communicate today, be in your truth without apology, but say it calmly and with the humility you naturally find within yourself.

Your truth is your truth. There is a diverse range of basic philosophical positions but, even within each mindset, we find that everyone has their own slightly different version of the truth of reality and the experience of life.

Today, recognize what is true for you is true for you, without doubting yourself. It might not be THE TRUTH, but is your perspective right now.

Find your centre and assume the confidence within your own gnosis. If it works for you, then it works.

Note from Carey: Laurence’s ground-breaking developmental model, which he called the Enchantments of Life, maps the evolution of human consciousness. This was his truth and it was his life’s mission to share this profound understanding with others. 

The Enchantments model informed the rest of Laurence’s work. For example, his own understanding of the texture and energy of each of the 260 days of the Mayan Sacred Calendar year was underpinned not just by his 30-year study and daily experiential investigation of this calendrical system, but also by his own immersion in the higher levels of consciousness (‘higher’ purely in evolutionary terms – he was never ‘hierarchical’, in the sense that he recognized every Enchantment level is necessary and inevitable for the process of evolving consciousness. Where people are is where people are).

The Enchantments Principle and Laurence’s map have helped many people in many different ways – some say they became less judgemental of others, some say they became more empowered in their own truth and their own sovereignty (another of Laurence’s pivotal quests), yet more say that the Enchantments map helped to release them from fear and accorded them a sense of freedom and deep purpose.

Here are two of Laurence’s highly creative and illuminating flip-chart images, used in one or more of our workshops over the years.

The first, above, illustrates Laurence’s own truth. Laurence was always solid with his own truth; he never doubted himself. However, he was one of the most genuinely humble, wise and loving people I have ever had the privilege to spend time with (far, far too little time), and he never used his truth to stomp on anyone else, believing fully in every person’s right to their own truth. He would be silent when appropriate; he would explain his own position – calmly, clearly and with genuine delight – when asked.

The second, below, is a brief snapshot of the Levels of Truth, as understood through the Enchantments map.

Read more about Laurence’s work and his mission here


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