Sunday, 15 March 2020

6 Crocodile

[Sunday 15 March 2020]

Nourishment and Flow
Refresh your experience of the ordinary and allow all else to flow organically. Accept the easy cadence of this day, with its gradually unfolding and emerging nourishment.

Today offers nurturing through learning; acceptance of the ever-changing life flow; a slow emergence with a thick viscosity of energy, like the flow of treacle.

Graphic by LjL

Life slowly revolves and returns to experiences, emotional states and environmental atmospheres you have visited before. This time around, you can potentially feel more appreciative.

The day offers satisfaction, as it is both a flowingly structured and a nurturing day. Be prepared to nurture without being possessive or expecting too much from the outcome of your gifts. Receive what life is offering without wanting more.

Enjoy the nourishment of today as a day unto itself, as it is a reminder of the value and joy within the existential and the commonplace.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on Google

Day 6 in each timewave is fairly practical. The energy is nicely structured in a flowing manner.

Crocodile Days represent, or are resonant with, the primal watery origins of the Earth, the turbulent power of creation held within an embrace. Crocodile is an edgy, instinctive, survival consciousness that belongs to the Goddess, who looks after her own.

A baby crocodile camouflaged among
weeds in a pond, Tangerang, Indonesia,
by Yensen Tan
Image found on Pinterest

Protective nourishment and sustenance. Base reality, brooding, waiting, stillness – yet with great latent power waiting to be unleashed.

The 6 tone allows that energy to flow with a quite matter-of-fact quality.

Your truth can never be permanent, but it is your truth for now.

Laurence James Lucas,
who was always nourished through learning,
and who always appreciated what life offered.
Photo thanks to André Eichman

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