Wednesday, 4 March 2020

8 Dog

[Wednesday 4 March 2020]

Today is a day for commitment to your relationships and to your own emotional needs and boundaries.

Being an 8 Day, this energy will follow on from the previous timewave, which was the Dog Timewave, as you accept the commitment to what you received during that 13-day period.

Define your territory in the universe and defend it if necessary. Be true to your own needs. Commit to the guidance you receive and the guidance you offer.

The vastness of the Cosmos requires us to create an enclosure, a home, a structure – the expanse of eternity and infinity would swallow us if we did not define a territory.

Territory is an emotional space filled with those you love and its walls are walls of thought, belief and understanding.

By understanding territory and the different scales of space, as well as the borders, boundaries and gateways, we can connect to other realms.

The Ancient of Days, 1794, Printing by William Blake:
Urizen, the embodiment of reason and law, holding a compass
with which he is measuring and containing the universe

The Cosmos is unified in essence, but in experience it is full of separations. We need to recognise the separations and define the boundaries between any given space, domain or realm before we can connect to it properly.

This in turns allows us to locate the empty space, our inner sanctum, a place full of potential.

Beginning the Journey,
Committing to Our Relationship
Photo thanks to my talented sister Caroline

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