Tuesday, 17 March 2020

8 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Tuesday 17 March 2020]

Today, commit to the empty space and the dawning awareness you created and received during the last timewave, which was Foredawn or Dark House.

The base graphic for this image was initially created by LjL,
then altered, layered and Photoshopped by me

Trust in life and evoke the benevolence that is within (or behind) the void as an invitation to new energy that secures you in your authenticity.

Be committed to emptying yourself of absolute expectation. Allow your truth and the structure of any projects you are working on to become organised and coherent within your unconscious.

Hand your problems over to the wisdom and self-organising ability inherent within your unconscious.

Contemplate the mystery of the void that births all that you need.

Composite created by Carey
 Photoshopped version of a free
'dark background' wallpaper, from here

The mystery of consciousness gradually coalesces, the soul is forever in formation...

Today teaches us to have faith in life itself, to find inner security – security based on the fabric of existence. The very fabric of existence is orientated to become, grow, flourish and encompass. Feel the sensations, no matter how subtle, that confirm the interconnected web in which you have your being.

Foredawn (also known as House, In the House, Dark House or Dark Night) rules the in-betweens. It is the space between two or more obvious states, places or times. As well as being the in-between, it is the expectation or early vibration of that which is to come, like the first point of dawn or that predawn moment.

Composite created by Carey

Dark House is an evocative quality that lends itself to the poetic, mysterious, romantic and impermanent. It is the richness of the shadow worlds; it is the feeling in your home or in a space. Tangibly felt, but elusive to the uber-rational mind or the linguistic bureaucrat.

Painting by Sylvain Lefebvre, who very kindly granted me
permission to use his beautiful artwork in this blog
(photo taken at the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair
by Ewa Wilkinson, thank you!).
This painting speaks to me of Compassion

Day 8 of each timewave is the day when consciousness is stepped down from the transcendental into the immanent. Day 8 is the day of implementation – and therefore commitment – of consciousness. It is a day on which Mayans mostly perform their ceremonies.

Create space for compassion
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Today you own that which you know; you step into the confidence of your gnosis. What you feel is what you feel and its validation is your responsibility.

Today, create space for compassion and benevolence, both for yourself and for others.

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  1. ...so a propos...in these times of stress and fear arising as we face mortal beingπŸ™✨πŸ’–✨πŸ™