Saturday, 19 February 2022

10 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Saturday 19 February 2022]

Today is all about holding on. What does that mean to you today?

What do you need to hold on to?

Composite created by Carey

Each moment has the potential to grip us; each period of our life is a manifestation of our multiplicity. Each moment offers us the chance to feel totally free and empty – and the idea of total freedom is transcendental. We are here to engage, but with some transcendence.

Quite often in our lives we are desiring and wanting – this is an existential fact of engaging with life, rather than an error. Most people, most of the time, want more – more freedom, sex, love, romance, excitement, adventure, freedom (again), money, self-expression, recognition, privacy, or at least some of those. This is not wrong, it is just an existential fact.

Created by Kookie Birjukov
for our Storyteller workshop
(January 2007)

Today, hold the moment lightly, knowing all is well and, yes, you really do want to live life more freely and yet more magnificently.

Wanting creates attachment, so we all have this paradox within us – wanting freedom and yet wanting more in life. The mind cannot handle the paradox, but somewhere in the heart and the psyche is the capability to create open structures or conduits; to create the space in which acceptance and vitality can flourish.

Cosmic Hands, image found on google

Are you gripped by Life? Are you gripped by the Divine Restlessness?

This is the Life Force – we cannot control it. So we might as well accept that we can be empty and happy in any day, yet during that same day feel an overwhelming sense of Divine Restlessness.

Image found on google

Today, hold on to something and yet allow your energy to flow through the centre.

A good day for controlling aspects of your life in a positive way.

Expanding awareness;
composite created by Carey,
using images found on google