Sunday, 13 February 2022

4 Crocodile

[Sunday 13 February 2022]


All of life sustains itself. Wherever you look, in any direction and in any realm, you will see life in its myriad forms sustaining itself.

Sustenance; composite created by Carey
Original base photo and cupcake by
the very talented cake artist,
Carol Wakefield, with many thanks!

Enjoy sustenance today. Surrender to the need for food, basic exercise, rest, time with the family, or whatever you feel is calling you to sustain the matrix of life within which you exist.

What do you need to feel sustained in this day?

Composite created by Carey

4 Crocodile is not about forward motion or future concerns, rather it is about being grounded in the essential nurturance of your life.

What is the essential nurturance you feel you need today?

Image originally found on google,
photoshopped by Carey

Allow it to be; receive and give the essential food of life to your life and to the life all around you.

Focus on the frequency of nurturing, sustaining, security, comfort and being-ness.

Human Foetus in the Womb,
artwork by Jellyfish Pictures,
from here

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