Tuesday, 26 July 2022

11 Lizard (Seed)

[Tuesday 26 July 2022]

Opening the doors between what are normally compartmentalised realities. A day of modification; allow new energy in.

Our spontaneous cat, Nougat,
surrounded by the seeds of new life
on the old roof terrace (we have now moved!)

Seed is the first stage of abundance. All plants, or animals for that matter, produce a disproportionate number of seeds; nature allows for what we call ‘waste’ by producing the seeds for new life in magnificent abundance.

Lizard is a sophisticated absorber of the Sun and has a capacity to store sunlight. Sunlight, and the subtle energy of prana, is the pre-manifest seed of life.

Image from the Center for Food Safety

Today is Day 11 of the Jaguar Timewave, which is all about an instinctive level of reality. The Jaguar prowls the shadows, the underworld and the night with a relaxed alertness, knowing that opportunity is omnipresent. 11 is the number of adaptation of form; it is the open gate, the frequency of the transparency of all form.

Today, do not solidify your situation with rationality. Instead, be of an open mind; be flexible and spontaneous like a cat.

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In the shadow of the world, new life, light and opportunity gestate. Be confident about the true abundance of life and allow yourself to absorb.

With a playful and easy affirmative gnosis, respond to the glimpses of feeling that Life is offering you abundance.

If you feel indebted, today offers the energy for your liberation.

Doors between realities
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