Wednesday 6 July 2022

4 Lizard (Seed)

[Wednesday 6 July 2022]

Today the raw intelligence or plan of life reveals itself. This is the most basic structural imprint from which all of existence is created; it is the template realm.

Photo thanks to André Eichman

Today, you might ask if the ground of your consciousness is fertile, free from weeds and clear of stones so that there is room for the seeds of your life intentions to germinate and sprout.

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A good day to understand that Life itself, in the general sense, is intelligent and has intentionality, direction and purpose.

Furthermore it is a good day to recognise that Life in essence is wholly abundant.

Sunflower, by Vladimir Kush

If you are stuck in an impoverished situation, today consider looking outside the box that is diminishing you and be open to a new plan, an expansion of your situation.

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