Sunday, 24 January 2016

2 Water, Sunday

We live the result of the duality of our desires and the duality within all action, intent and thought. The abundance of things in this beautiful world to entertain us, study, act upon or long for, comes with the inevitable cost of the energetic clash they create within us. We could call it Karma, the shadow of all agency, or more accurately, our unconsciousness of the totality of any action.
There is no escaping it, unless you choose the transcendental path. Excitement breeds anxiety, bliss breeds deflation and inertia, even joy can breed depression, if we chase it. 

  Today is a good day to clear your energy field, burn incence, ask for forgiveness from life, forgive life and give thanks for your life as it is. Accept the duality of agency and release yourself from struggle today.

A day of two atmospheres, two feelings and the contrast of two environments and how they complement, conflict or converge with each other.
The second day of each timewave reveals the inherent duality and challenge within the whole timewave. With Rabbit timewave, we ask "Where is the substance behind the abundance?" The answer is within the soul, within relationship.
2 Water asks us to feel into the multitude of objects, people, ideas and energies and to recognize their energetic signatures. Is each emergence in resonance with our soul state? Is it abundant or is it pulling us in the wrong direction? Are we dissolving our soul in the welter of abundance or expanding our field of consciousness? 

Themes in the air right now with the Uranus square Pluto peaking and Full Moon and Mercury change of direction...

The energy of the psychic environment is all twisted up, we have all been pulled, stretched and squashed and the 'solution' is to be in it, to feel it and see what is being cooked, what essence of strength and valuable novelty is residing in the seat of your soul.

This moon cycle is in synch with the 260 count, 2 Water is reflecting both the full moon (Sun opposite Moon) and the Mercury standstill with Pluto.

Something is being pulled apart, to strip down feelings to the raw truth and essential confidence you own, a core voice that knows the transformational path to take.

You can unravel the twisted emotional complex that is apparent right now, not through straight forward logic, but through deep emotional intelligence. You have many emotional 'successes'  to look back on, what is an emotional success? These are moments when your soul was fully activated, peak experiences. A peak experiences enable you to feel alive and feel truly connected to life. You are engaged in life because of the flow of a  multitude of peak experiences, these can sexual, romantic, physical exercises, sporting, getting high, taking drugs, dancing, mystical experiences, inspirations and accomplishments and the first time you experienced various luxuries or status acquisitions. There comes time where attaining highs of any particular kind, of the same kind just becomes grasping and not a high at all. You cannot keep pursuing the same things that worked for you in the past, new motivations must be sought.

Ego development is important and is led by experiencing satiation of desire, this comes with a consequence, an emotional attachment to those moments of aliveness, so as the ego matures and is now felt as a burden, the whole complex of experience can weigh heavy.

So we are asked to appreciate our development through enjoying the emotional attainment of our lifetime, appreciate the joy of that first taste or satisfying all consuming experience of sex, falling in love, illicit pleasure, social celebration, those times when you shone, when you were the centre of attention or where you experienced extreme vitality, blissed out joy or the excitement of a thrilling event, a gig, a festival, party, feeling part of a spiritual movement or being totally inspired.

So what is next? 
If you are older, then excitement and bliss have been explored, a new state is being sought, a new bio-chemical-electrical trigger is needed, often something more profound.

However there is always a need to feel fresh, such as in traveling or moving home, learning something new and always the need to get into the body, to exercise in some way.

This full moon is offering some healing, to make you feel whole, a wholeness of expanded awareness that takes in the highs and lows and the psychological complexity of a human being, a bitter sweet, melancholic joy and a raw encounter with who you are.  

Something in you, knows how to change and/or refresh your life and knows the way forward and this core-intelligence can be heard over the next couple of days or so and gradually enacted this spring.

LINK The energy of this full moon  has manifested most obviously in USA,

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