Sunday, 10 January 2016

1 Eagle, Sunday New Moon

The Tzolkin synchs in nicely with the moon cycle. 13 Jaguar yesterday was a perfect and powerful energy for the dark moon, while today's new moon is empowered by the start of the Eagle timewave.

Today is a chance to feel that 2016 is now beginning—slowly and with sobriety, we feel our way into the new civil year, but it will be the Chinese New Year that feels 'newer'. But then not quite, as we keep restarting the year.

The new moon conjuncts Pluto, which square Uranus, with Mercury and Jupiter retrograde. We feel the new year internally, deep within; we can feel a new stirring, slow, quiet and not quite graspable, but there nonetheless. What is seeking to emerge? We keep on looking back and reviewing our lives, looking to see what we have forgotten, passed over or lost.

What is it that is seeking to emerge?

We want to feel a sense of tangible reality, but that can only be found with emotional honesty that is fluid, not a fixed set of rules about how we should live, not a universal moral code, not a politically correct or socially ideological. Also, this emotional honesty seems to be flavoured with some kind of revival of innocence. Not sure what I mean by that exactly, but this is what I am feeling—this is not about naivety, rather it is more the innocence of the intelligent heart.

We will explore and search for authenticity and practicality. How can we add to the world in our own small way, so that we can feel real about ourselves?

Yes, we are in the timeline change (Jupiter retrograde right on the North Node) that I have written about extensively on Mystic Cyber Crow in a series of long articles.

Mercury retrogrades back to Pluto around the full moon on the 24th January, two weeks from now, and then goes forward the day after, so the depth change transmits information. We can put more words to the change that is seeking to emerge within us and within the world.

The Eagle is of the sky, surveying and scanning the world and able to see the abundance of the world as it hunts for the specific abundance available to it. The Eagle can see the micro-reality below, as it hones in on what is available and appropriate. Scan your environment today and then place your focus on that which is specifically useful for you right now.

A 13-day ripple in time starts today where the consciousness of the World Mind and its vision can make itself seen through you. Open your heart and imagination without undue sentiment to receive the vision from the Eagle.

What is it that the Spirit of the World sees? Can we see it?

Yes, it is the existential joy of life, enjoying its own simple existence. The World Mind is immanent. Meditation will often take you beyond the world into the transcendental zone, but this immanence is here now, inherently within your physical pleasures and your struggles, as an expansive consciousness that helps you appreciate your life as an art form.

Now is a good time to get a feeling-sense of your personal vision for your life, or for your life as it stands, or for your life to come in an immediate sense. Trust the intuitive and the imaginary faculties; allow yourself to validate your gnosis.

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