Friday, 1 January 2016

5 Skull, New Years Day

5 Skull sets the tone for the new civil year ahead and 8 Vulture set the tone for the Solstice and the natural year. The New Year Sun is conjunct Pluto again, which is in its final phase of the square with Uranus. Jupiter is now conjunct the Node. Jupiter will be square Saturn for some of 2016.

How to be lucky in 2016? Be strong, stay centred, be organized and be attentive and yet try to stay relaxed but not slack, calmly alert. It is not the time to aspire too high or fast or celebrate too loudly, a sober feeling and yet... the opportunity for real satisfaction and a genuine sense of enjoying life in the deeper sense, is what is on offer in 2016.

For many an intention to create a stable platform over the next 9 months, before moving forward, would be appropriate.

The new moon is on the 10th of January Mercury goes retrograde on January 5th, Jupiter retrogrades on the 8th whilst in conjunction with the Node.

Do not rush to set New Years intentions, this January is a month of review as much as anything, to me it feels like we are to take stock of the last 3-4 years and sift through our psyche to find what is essential. Throughout 2016 we will be making adjustments with the Jupiter square Saturn.
The New Years Sun is conjunct Chariklo and this requires us to work on perceiving where we fit with others, doing things our way, allowing other to do things their way and seeing where we can work together.

Sober positivity must be allowed to emerge only after brutal self honesty and the resolute strength to then relax into accepting the truth and then the strength to choose a healthy positive attitude about life.

Reboot and adjust, realign and reinvigorate your faith throughout the year.


A day of strength, realism and positive detachment that allows you to make changes where necessary and/or operate in the more visceral realms of material reality.

Cut back, detach from the crowd come back to your core, and be a little cynical if necessary;
Be at the centre of your group and be detached enough to be an enabler for your community.

Enjoy some backbone attitude.

Use crystals to create a resonance with the information carried within your bones.

A good day for clarity when dealing with information.

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