Saturday, 30 January 2016

8 Eagle, Saturday Mercury conjunct Pluto

What is present? 

What is here, available and moving through you?

What is?

A day of integration as you feel the need to be who you are without effort or effect, to clear your vision of impassioned views, so as to allow all of your perspectives their place within your psyche. A certain degree of emptiness allows us to see more of who we are, rather than just one facet.

The commitment today is to the integrated self that stands before you, the degree of integration you can recognize at present.

What is present? What is here available and moving through you? The Immanence.

Eagle is sometimes known as 'Metal' by the Maya of the Highlands. This is because of the Eagle's ability to see an expansive worldly vision and is thus associated with money and wealth. Day 8 is a day of commitment. So, if you have a vision, one that was forming during the last Timewave, take note and recognize its value.

Opportunity is present, abundance is available, we often cannot see it because generally speaking we get in our own way. Call upon yourself, call upon your higher self to perceive what is immediately present.


The Dream Seeds I talked about yesterday are tangible potentials in the etheric psyche of our planet and belong to the Devic realm. I suggest the Dream Seeds are not easily accessible via clairvoyance, as they are deep within the shamanic mainframe.

Today though, we are in touch with the more accessible visions of Eagle. 8 Eagle speaks to us of the immanence within the sky and the terrestrial stratosphere, whereby the potentials from within the Devic kingdom can be selected and refined and choices are committed to.

Today's commitment is made within the perceptional field, where your energy naturally interpenetrates the collective human consciousness and where that also meets the Earth mind.
This energy is modified by the exact conjunction today of Pluto with Mercury both square Uranus as the collective mind grapples with itself trying to find some simple core truths to live by.
However as you can see in the chart we are dealing with extraordinary complexity, Mars in Scorpio is heavily involved as it Chiron, in a loose conjunction with the south node.

Saturn is involved in a secondary manner and a trine to the Node exactly conjuncting Jupiter. The asteroids Vesta and Juno are also involved

Mars (with Juno) is fuelling the desire to get to the core emotional truth that exists within the emotional terrain, not one’s personal truth but the truth that is found within the interactive emotional and energetic space between people. This truth is not static and is not intellectual, it brings up all of the emotional complex. Is truth ever really to be found in the intellect? 

Now we can potentially really empathize with others and at the same time see why they are wrong! However in their faulty reasoning is the way that they make their life work. And we look ourselves and see our own paradox. And we look at the shit mess of the world, it looks hopeless, except of course that we know that it is not. So with this energy we tend to get lost in the myriad of complex and heated and simmering emotions. The Moon squares the Mercury-Pluto, oh for gods’sake…

Chiron is pulling us back to find safe ground, in the transcendental, within trivia and within our own little corner, but that space is disturbed with uncertainty. Uranus (with Vesta) says let us just wait,  for something new to happen, fuck it I will watch a good film, this unending resolved drama is so hideously boring. 

Saturn (trine to Uranus)says it will continue to proceed at a snail’s space, but you have to be seriously looking for a long term trajectory, a philosophic view, a future you can build. 

The way forward is normally found in the North Node. 

The Moons North Node is in Virgo at the 23rd degree  suggesting patient, disciplined, work, service, attention to detail, careful actions and integrity.

We need to save the environment, except the movement has been co-opted by another agenda that is steering it away from the real issues, the economy might collapse soon, what can we do about that, the governments are lying more than ever before, except too many people are unwilling to be so ‘irrational’ to believe that there is a major conspiracy, the internet is amazing except that it is revealing too much truth about the corruption, way far more than I can handle, I need to earn money, I need to stay focused, even though the world looks like it is falling apart. It is all hopeless, except of course it’s not and I feel okay.

 Jupiter is there make everything somewhat overwhelming with too much to attend to, but we have to get on with it and work and apply ourselves diligently in as many areas as possible.

Except the bastard is retrograde.

Well reasoned, carefully thought out, strategic action is futile.

The Sun in Aquarius is in very loose connections to the rest of the chart with a 30 degree connection to Neptune in Pisces. The Sun shows us the whole chart it is adrift, bobbing around in the collective ocean. Likewise very loose with Venus in Capricorn who is cheerfully getting on with the practical things with others as if nothing is really happening, even though the shadow of Pluto is on the periphery. 

The Sun is trine TL66 in Gemini, this affects the big picture and subtle levels, this speaks of the timeline change and the fluctuation and the preparation, as humanity is in a flux adaptive state, things are chaotic, open, malleable and intent is being honed.

We do what we can, adjusting to circumstances on a day by day basis, keeping a sense of humour and staying open.

Back to Mercury-Pluto, surrender the monkey mind to a deeper impulse, feel your way through it clear a bit space maybe or if you feel moved to do so go back over something that might seem unimportant and attend to that. Some profound ideas will surface, log them, shelf them, let them continue to percolate.

Energy for transformation is slowly emerging through us, to be found within our responses to that which we feel is essential. Stuff is falling away and we are gaining a sense of openness to life itself.

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