Wednesday, 4 July 2018

10 Crocodile

The Cornucopia of Life, by LjL

Feel and accept the nourishment available today.

A day of totally accepting what is; waking up to, sensing and receiving all that is good all around you. Appreciate that which is readily available.

Ventnor Botanical Gardens, Isle of Wight

Your life produces rewards. As you step forward, life automatically credits you with the goodness of enrichment, regardless of failures, mistakes and bad times.

If any burdens or problems do manifest today, the way forward is to accept their existence, but do not let them define your life. Instead, expand your awareness to see the abundance that is already in your life.

Feel and accept the cornucopia of life.

Image conceptualised by LjL,
created by Kookie Birjukov (thank you!)

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