Saturday, 14 July 2018

7 Monkey

Douc Langers (genus Pygathrix): Monkeys Are Ridiculously Photogenic by roadhunter
Image from Imgur

Something unexpected and rather wonderful can come to you today in the midst of whatever you are doing.

A good day to be curious and to enjoy your vocation, without taking it too seriously.

If you do take yourself too seriously, the trickster will show up. If you act too silly, the trickster will put on a serious face. However, a little impudence is appropriate today. Drop that which needs to be dropped (fear and worldly seriousness) and feel the sense of extraordinary fun that is implicit in life.

Today, a sense of magic can emerge in your work, while a sense of purpose can emerge in your leisure.

Palenque, Mexico. A magical place that Laurence loved

Monkey is associated with the artisans who carved the glyphs and constructed the temples – the sacred creative work that gave the labourers a connection to the Mayan Cosmology, which reflects the reality of the cosmic game.

Play the game of life today and be open to the miraculous, for Monkey is weaving magic into the air and it might just be your turn.

Photo of Mayan stone monkey sculpture
by Ana Laura Landa/Mexicolore (from Google)

And here is a link to the sound of Howler Monkeys.

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