Friday, 13 July 2018

6 Dog

[New Moon at exactly 02:48 UTC; 03:48 BST; 10:48 Hong Kong time. There will also be a partial eclipse of the Sun, visible primarily over the ocean between Australia and Antarctica.]

View over our island from 'Secret Rock',
where I often sit with the dogs on our daily walks
(except during spider and snake season, which is now!)

No creature is an island.

All creatures (created beings) need others in order to survive and flourish. If you want to survive, you have to have other creatures in your life. If you want to DO something effectively – to exercise the power of your life force – you need to align with others.


Aligning with Others. Uncredited image from Google

Most of all, though, if you want to make life worth living, you need companionship and love.

Today, your energy flows as long as you align and seek harmony with others. Recognize the value of those special people in your life.

Some of the many, many special creatures
who have made, and continue to make, my life worth living.

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