Wednesday, 25 July 2018

5 Wind

LjL communicating with his beloved daughter Oceana in 2008

You are a nexus of communication. Your ideas are shaped to a large degree by the ideas you receive from others. The ideals of independence are fairly illusory; however, you are unique in essence, at the core of your being.

A good day to connect to your own essential voice and inspiration. Receive inspiration from Source today and convey that to others. Be conscious of the fickleness of the mind and the instant impulse to be an automatic transmitter of the collective clich├ęs that abound in the atmosphere.

From Google images. Thank you to whoever created this.

Ask intelligent questions, rather than rushing to deliver a pleasing answer.

5 Wind is a good day to investigate and penetrate the informational field in which you live. Cut to the core of situations by questioning assumptions.

'Stimulating the Brain’s Emotional Center Enhances Memory'
Image: Bona Kim/Emory University, from here

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